Sunday, February 25, 2007


Will “The Hill Have Eyes 2” do seventies horror proud?

An end-of-Sundance chat with directors Craig Zobel (“The Great World of Sound”) and David Gordon Green (“Snow Angels”) landed on the topic of classic seventies scares and current filmmakers who get the blood and lewdness right. Heavy Metal Rocker-turned horror moviemaker Rob Zombie (“The Devil’s Rejects”) is at the top of the list. Eli Roth (“Cabin Fever” and “Hostel”) and Alexandre Aja (“Haute Tension’) are close seconds.
Talk about seventies-inspired horror movies, remakes or otherwise, quickly turned to films that fail. “Black Christmas,” the recent remake of Bob Clark’s 1974 killer in the sorority house thriller, was chosen as a prime example of a film void of the drive-in spirit.
A new chance to do seventies horror proud is director Martin Weisz’s “The Hills Have Eyes 2” — Aja directed the 2006 “Hills Have Eyes” remake — which opens in theaters March 23.
Helping core blood and guts fans wait out opening day is “15 Gigs of Fear,” a contest on FOXATOMIC.COM where scenes from the upcoming movie can be edited together via a blender tool into a personal music video. Each uploaded video, besides earning its makers chances at cash and prizes, also serve as an example of what fans appreciate about seventies horror and why veteran horror-maker Wes Craven continues to attract large crowds at comic conventions. For director Martin Weisz, the “15 Gigs of Fear” entries are warning shots of what fans expect from ‘Hills Have Eyes 2.”

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