Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Gal Pals Catherine Keener (left) and Jennifer Aniston star in the comedy 'Friends With Money.'

Reel Question: Jennifer Aniston on the Simple Life

Actress pals Catherine Keener and Jennifer Aniston handle promoting their film ‘Friends With Money’ in tandem. At the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, on the second floor of a massive two-story white tent known as The Village At The Lift, Keener and Aniston laugh over tales of past pranks. In the film, Aniston plays Olivia, the lone member of her L.A. girl clique with money problems. Olivia is content to clean houses and live lackadaisically. Aniston insists she can relate. In fact, there’s a funny story behind her working girl roots.
At a past lunch date, Keener popped a restaurant saltshaker into Aniston’s purse without telling her. Desperate to avoid the headlines — Jennifer Aniston Caught Stealing — the celebrity actress called the restaurant back and made good.
“I worked as a waitress and I know what happens when something is taken from your station,” Aniston said. “So I called and explained that a friend played a joke on me and I didn’t know it was in my purse.
“But I didn’t return it,” she added, laughing. “I liked it too much. I just sent them money to pay for it.”

Friends With Money is currently playing in New York and Los Angeles. Sony Classics will release it in theaters across America April 21.

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