Sunday, September 10, 2006


Secret performance by Flaming Lips launches 2006 Toronto Film Festival in cool fashion

Toronto 2006 Sights and Sounds: Roadside Concert by The Flaming Lips

A temporary fire pit adjacent to an alleyway held a campfire large enough for the exuberant crowd to roast marshmallows. Plates or burgers and hot dogs were passed around the partygoers.
Gabby’s is a worn neighborhood pub, the type of place Toronto Festival attendees often ignore. It doesn’t meet the coolness requirement of many at the festival.
That all changed on a warm Friday evening when cult Rockers The Flaming Lips took to a small makeshift stage and performed for a private party on behalf of the festival documentary “Summer Camp,” a light-hearted trip to Swift Nature Camp in Wisconsin for a warm and uplifting look at the camp kids and the adults who inspire as well as keep them in line.
Co-directors Sarah Price and Bradley Beesley were in attendance at the party, clad in camp counselor gear and wearing glowing visors.
Two of the children from the documentary, Cameron and Holly, were also on hand; enjoying a special night out far past their bedtime.
Sing-Along songs warmed up the crowd but the highlight of the evening were the Lips. Standing under the lush branches of a backyard tree, up against the back alley that runs parallel to Bloor Street, The Flaming Lips performed in what had to be the party of all kept-under-wraps festival parties. The band’s many local fans had no idea what they were missing.
Even better, The Lips helped recreate the down home and friendly feel of the film at a Toronto pub miles away from the Midwest nature camp at the heart of the heartfelt documentary.

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