Friday, January 19, 2007


Sundance 07: Main Street Dogs

Brett Morgen

Main Street Dogs

Day One of Sundance offers the one, momentary chance for empty shuttle busses; the calm before the deluge of media, film industry professionals and movie fans. It is also a chance to witness Park City ski culture before the Sundance hordes take over and make the winter resort town their own. From what I see outside the shops on historic Main Street, treating one’s dog more like a person is status quo for style conscious skiers. Just after the opening day press conference, held at the Egyptian Theatre with “Chicago 10” director Brett Morgen (pictured above), a dog follows behind his owner sporting bright red booties on his four legs. The owner’s point is that his dog shouldn’t have to suffer cold paws, or basically live like a dog. Later, exiting the New Frontier On Main exhibition area, the festival’s debut spot for film art installations and the latest filmmaking equipment, a woman approaches the front doors pushing a large stroller. I quickly step aside and open the door, impressed by the stamina of anyone capable of navigating Sundance with twins at their side. But there were no babies in the stroller; just two tiny dogs bundled up in blankets. If this woman has children, my guess is that the dogs get first dibs on the stroller.

Dogs love us and shower their unconditional love on us..
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